Writing Lab

“Setting words onto the page”

Susan’s extensive working experience as a theatre director, actor, acting coach/teacher, script writer (stage & screen), and freelance real estate copy-writer gives her a unique edge as a script consultant. As a former English Professor at Humber College, Susan has the teaching experience to help writers at all levels further develop their craft.

All 1 hour sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of the writer and their work. Sessions can be had in-person at the Page to Camera Studio or via email correspondence.
Susan also offers in studio table reads, and/or character & dialogue development sessions. Putting the script “on its feet” with actors provides valuable and insightful feedback when developing your script.

Storytelling is a solitary, personal creative process, and as such Susan approaches each script and client with this in mind. She supports and encourages you, the creator, with constructive feedback and mentorship. Susan guides you to discover your own authentic voice and story. During the process, she will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to express your vision to its fullest potential.

How you write is just as important as what you write. If your language skills, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, clarity and style are weak then so too is your script.
Susan has participated in many screenwriting feedback sessions hosted by producers who made it clear that if they come across a grammatical or formatting error, they will stop reading the script and put it into the trash – harsh, but true.
The positive take-away from this commentary is that polished writing is achievable with edits and rewrites.
Susan teaches the skills necessary to proofread and edit. She helps writers learn to identify and correct grammatical errors, as well as edit their work for sentence structure, clarity, and style.


  • Screenplay & Playwriting (Concept to Final Draft)
  • Log lines, series bible, character breakdowns, etc
  • Creative and essay writing skills & editing
  • Table Reads
  • English Language Skills


  • 1 hour in-person session $40.00
  • Monthly in-person Rate $140.00 (4 pre-paid 1 hour sessions)
  • Email submission Rate $40.00 per hour worked
  • Table reads organized and cast starting at $60.00
  • Informal table reads and character improve sessions $40.00 per hour

Susan has been a wonderful mentor for me inside (and outside!) of the film world. In high school, I began taking private acting lessons with her and boy did she open my mind up to an imagination beyond the real. When I applied for film school, that’s when I began to dabble in screenwriting. And who was the best person to seek advice from? Susan. Her skill in teaching the art of acting helped me so much in taking the reins and creating characters of my own! She wonder-fully would take her time in writing in-depth emails with such care, dissecting and encouraging my writing, to roll out the best version possible. She’s a hard working, dedicated professional who opens her heart to yours with trust, honesty and understanding.
I could not dream to have a more amazing person to review and advise me on something as delicate as screenwriting.

Nikki Vacval - Ryerson University Film Studies Program (BFA)