"I have come back into acting from a five year break and decided I would start all over and learn again; discover things I may have missed and simply learn differently. Well, my luck started quickly when I found Susan. She truly is the best acting coach I have had, and I have had many. Her techniques and innate ability to pick up on exactly what is needed to move an actor forward, is like no other. With her direction, I have been able to see myself as acting truthfully. I have waited a long time to find the right fit and Susan surpasses all my expectations. My acting improved immediately and I feel and visually see the change within myself at every session. Words cannot express my gratitude to this lovely, talented and professional acting coach. She has seen it, felt it and lives it, who else could ever share such wonderful acting experience with you. I highly recommend Susan to every actor who needs to change it up and learn from a different source. Thank you Susan! "Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation." -Bette Davis"
- Teresa Janes (Actor)

"Susan is one of the best acting teachers you will ever have! From the beginning she makes you feel comfortable no matter how much experience you have. Classes are tailored to what you want to work on, but also what she believes can help you become a better actor. Throughout the time I have worked with Susan my confidence in my acting abilities has drastically increased.This confidence has also extended into my everyday life. Susan is easy to talk to, she knows how to get the best performance from you, and is also willing to listen.Taking classes with Susan will make you a stronger actor in multiple ways. Thank you Susan for always believing in me and for making me better!"
- Lisa Tang

"Susan directed me in two productions, “Tap Dancing Angels” and “Witness, Loretta”. Under her guidance I was brought to a more profound place of truth than I had previously found as an actor. I highly recommend her work."
- Keri B. (Actor, Playwright)

"I had a blast today I felt very empowered and encouraged by your coaching. I will definitely come to you for my next self taping and would recommend others do as well."
- Jeremy Ninaber (Actor)

"Loved the self tape. Thank you!"
- Sandra Gillis (Agent)
Premier Artists' Management Inc.

"Thank you so much for your coaching style and your time spent with me on the audition. It was a real pleasure. Thanks a lot."
- Wole Daramola (Actor)

"Working with Susan is so much fun and completely nerve and stress free! Her coaching has made me much more confident with my acting, and I cannot wait until I get to work with her again. There's no other coach I would rather go to!
Thanks again, Susan you're the best!!"

- Jordan Kearns (Actor)

"Thank you so much! I don't think I could have done my audition half as good without you coaching me, I really appreciate it!"
- Nicole Riendeau (Actor)

"I want to say thank you for all your wisdom and feedback. I will most definitely be contacting you in the future when I decide to take additional classes. Thank you for the self tape, I’m so pleased with the end result! You're an amazing teacher!"
-Corteasha Sherwood (Actor)

"Thank you so much for all your help and guidance! I found your classes super helpful and definitely worth it!"
-Rebecca Moktar (Actor)

"Susan's an awesome coach. I came to her with very little confidence in my skills as an actor. With her help, I feel like I can handle any project."
- Philip Yang (Actor)

"Susan has been a wonderful mentor for me inside (and outside!) of the film world. In high school, I began taking private acting lessons with her and boy did she open my mind up to an imagination beyond the real. When I applied for film school, that’s when I began to dabble in screenwriting. And who was the best person to seek advice from? Susan. Her skill in teaching the art of acting helped me so much in taking the reins and creating characters of my own! She wonderfully would take her time in writing in-depth emails with such care, dissecting and encouraging my writing, to roll out the best version possible. She’s a hard working, dedicated professional who opens her heart to yours with trust, honesty and understanding.

I could not dream to have a more amazing person to review and advise me on something as delicate as screenwriting.


- Nikki Vacval - Ryerson University Film Studies Program (BFA)


Thank you for working with me on my essays, you have a keen, critical eye for writing.
Your suggestions, comments and corrections were immensely helpful and extremely valuable.
You helped improve my papers beyond any form I imagined they could take."

- Michael K. S. (Post Graduate Student)

"Susan Hamann supports her learners in the utmost professional manner. Her energetic and dynamic English lessons are tailored to students' age, backgrounds, language needs, personal goals, and interests. Learners can benefit from her extensive knowledge on composition skills and personalized corrective feedback techniques. Your English communication goals can be met if you choose to work with Susan Hamann!"
- Lara McInnis
Program Coordinator, English Language Centre
Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Lakeshore Campus

"Susan has helped me a great deal throughout my university application process. When it comes to applying to Canada's most competitive universities, a great deal of emphasis is placed on personal statement essays. Susan helped me a great deal with these and this is no doubt that the quality of my essays gave me acceptances to every university to which I applied. Thanks Susan!"
- Cody U. (High School Student)

"Susan! Thank you for your wonderful teaching."
- Sylvie (ESL Adult Student)

"I love you, thank you for everything!"
- Marta (ESL Student)

More coming soon!