1. Q: Can I schedule an introductory meeting without signing on for a session(s)?

    Yes, Susan is available for a 15-minute introductory meeting, free of charge. Text, E-mail or call with your request for an introductory meeting stating preferred day and time.

  2. Q: What methods of payment are accepted and do I need pay for monthly sessions up front?

    Currently, the methods of payment accepted are cash or interac e-transfer. Monthly sessions are prepaid prior or at the first session in person.

  3. Q: Will I receive an invoice and receipt of payment?

    You will receive an official receipt upon payment via email. Susan will email a request for payment, however, she does not create a ‘formal’ invoice.

  4. Q: How far in advance do I need to book a session?

    Bookings are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booking earlier rather than later will increase the likelihood of your preferred time and day being available. BUT, Susan fully understands that with self-tape auditions booking far in advance is not usually an option – not to worry, Susan makes the studio available for those emergency last minute calls and she’ll get your self-tape audition sent out in time!

  5. Q: Can I (or Do I need to) bring my own reader for my self-tape audition?

    Yes you can bring your own reader but, it ’ s not necessary, Susan is a professional actor and will read with you upon request at no extra cost to you.

  6. Q: What happens if I need to cancel a booking (a session)?

    If you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances – do so immediately.

    Depending on the nature, timing and service booked a make-up session will be scheduled where possible. See Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

  7. Q: Where can I park?

    There is ample unrestricted free street parking as well as one spot reserved for clients in the studio-parking pad—if this space is vacant just pull-in and park.

  8. Q: Does Susan Hamann have a valid Vulnerable Sector Search (Police Check)?

    Yes, Susan maintains a valid Vulnerable Sector Search – Employment – Police Check conducted by the Peel Police department.

  9. Q: Is there a waiting room for parents?

    Yes, a small waiting space is available for a parent/guardian who would like to stay while Susan works with their child. Alternatively, there are numerous coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and the Lake within walking distances to make your wait an enjoyable break in your day.

  10. Q: Why can’t I find the exact address for PAGE to CAMERA?

    The studio is located on private property. Susan provides the exact address of the studio only at the time of booking a session or consultation. The studio building is equipped with securtiy system to ensure the safety and protection of property and persons.