Acting Classes


6-week course | Next Session TBA

Enrolment is limited to 4 actors

In this course you will be introduced to and practice:

  • Audition techniques and Scene Study Skills
  • An actor’s warm-up for releasing tension & nerves
  • Memorizing lines without falling into line readings
  • Giving truthful, non-acting performances on camera
  • Acting on camera techniques: master shot, medium close-up, close-up, eye-line(s), continuity, and hitting your mark

The small class size means each actor receives one-on-one coaching along with the opportunity to work with other actors.  Video playback with individualized instructional feedback on the auditions and scenes performed in class allow actors to witness and discuss their progress throughout the course.

Note: Actors also receive a link to download their in-class performances for further home viewing.

For more information, contact Susan – Text, Phone or Email direct at